The Paint Colors Leading The Trends This Year

Dated: 01/29/2018

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It’s time for refresh, and we’re not talking about a resolution. January is a month all about change, and in addition to our long list of personal goals, we’re looking for a revamp in our homes as well. Perhaps you’re in the market for new furniture, smaller accent pieces, or a complete overhaul. Regardless of what it may be, the ideal starting point is settling on a palette—and we’ve got paint trends on our mind. 

From the bold to the muted and all that comes in between, the following colors each promise a vibrant change and a break from the ordinary. Read on to get the lowdown on the hues we’ll be decorating with this year plus, a few helpful tips in using them, from the pros.

Saturated Earthy Tones
It’s time to leave the blush pink behind and embrace a color more concentrated in form. In lieu of highlighting one specific shade, we’re broadening our repertoire to encompass the colors that come saturated with warmth: deep reds, pinks, and oranges are all on the table. This trend is all about working with an analogous palette, so don’t be intimidated by the idea of combining a trio of hues, which closely resemble one another.

And if that doesn’t quite do it for you, you can always fall back on a standard, complementary pairing. “This year I’m working with two fabulous colors: 
Persimmon orange is an edible, lush, rich color [and] moss green gives life to a room,” says interior designer Anne Hepfer. “I love these two together giving a space an irresistible pop of color!” 


We’re not ready to let go of Greenery just yet. The tried-and-true hue remains a constant within our decorative palettes, lending itself to everything from wall paint to furniture. Make a statement by embracing the hue in a deeply saturated form—think: rich forest green—for either the dining room, bedroom, and yes, 
even the kitchen cabinets. Not only does it make for the ideal backdrop for light wood furnishings and sleek brass details, but it’s a surefire way to impart a space with a luxe feel sans breaking the bank.
"I’m really into saturated tones right now to add warmth and interest to a space. I try to stay away from jewel tones all together, so I don’t want it to get confused with that,” says interior designer Amber Lewis, of 
Amber Interiors. “As you know, I’d never paint any cabinetry magenta—it’s just not under my design umbrella—but, I do love a moody saturated color, deep spruce, dark navy, true rust, etc. Pulling these colors from vintage textiles and rugs helps to pull everything together and make a home even cozier!" 

Black and Red and White and Yellow Vignette

It’s no secret that we have an obsession with yellow. We wishfully forecasted it as 
Pantone’s COY and dubbed it as the official color of summer—and even though a new year has come around, we’re still not over it. It epitomizes the concept of a refresh, lends itself to a cheerful finish, and instantly brightens up a space.
And sure, painting an entire room in a vibrant splash of yellow may not be ideal, but something as simple as an accent wall or statement furnishing 
(like this bold piece, pictured above) can go a long way.

Not into the hue in the form of wall paint? Bring it in via luxe bedding or assorted textiles. “Another trend to watch out for in the bedroom: striking, eclectic colors,” note Tianjiao Saikhantal Yu and Lu Xiong, founders of Flaneur. “Shades such as orange and yellow are extremely popular as they go well with any bedroom theme.”
Bonus points for mixing the bright yellows with delicate shades of pink. The two were practically made for one another. 

Blue and Gray and Red Living room

Timeless grays remain perpetually underrated and 
it’s easy to see why. A lack of pigmentation positions it as one hue that definitely skimps on excitement but don’t underestimate the impact it can have on a room, especially when it boasts a subtle undertone of a cooler hue. Think of it as the new neutral, one we would welcome in place of a snoozy beige or cream.
“From colors that invoke healing and hygge, to those inspiring passion and energy, 2018 trend colors explore timeless, rich shades with a twist of contemporary touch," says Sue Kim, color strategist for 
Valspar. "Try reclaiming a neglected corner with a poppy red or enjoy an introspective time in a warm gray bedroom."

Pantone’s Color of the Year definitely skews towards the saturated, and as much as we would love to take a chance on it (decoratively-speaking), it does err towards the intimidating—not to mention the fact that it doesn’t exactly scream timeless. Hence why we’ll be embracing the trend in lighter form with moody undertones and a hint of warmth. Yep, we’re talking lilac. The classic ‘90s hue is making a major comeback, lending itself as a much-needed stepping stone from the millennial pink trend.
Not only is it surprisingly versatile—it can seamlessly integrate itself within 
an eclectic variety of aesthetics—it also lends itself to a contemporary feel, becoming the perfect layering point for vibrant yellows and light wooden elements.  


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