Grand Parkway Will Exceed 180 Miles Around Houston

Dated: 07/31/2017

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State Highway 99 (SH 99, the Grand Parkway) is a proposed 180+ mile circumferential scenic highway traversing seven counties and encircling the Greater Houston region. The project has been shown on governmental planning documents since the early 1960's. The current existing and proposed route can be viewed in Google Maps by clicking this link.

Segments F-1, F-2 and G of the Grand Parkway, from US 290 to SH 249 to I-45N to I-69N (US59N) opened to traffic in early 2016. The toll rate in 2016 for a two axel vehicle (car or light truck) is about $0.20 per mile with F-1 (290 to 249) costing $2.30, F-2 (249 to 45N) costing $2.31 and G (45N to 59N) costing $3.01.

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Portions of the Grand Parkway are toll facilities and you must have an electronic tag, Harris County EzTag, TxTAG or NTTA TollTag, to use the road. Information for this is available as follows:

Fort Bend County operates the portion of the Grand Parkway Segment D from (I-69S) to north of the Westpark Toll Road. For information on this or to discuss toll collection issues their website is or call 855-999-2024.

TxDOT, through their toll operations division, TxTAG, operates the portions of the Grand Parkway Segments D, E, F-1, F-2 and G on the west from north from I-10W to US290 to SH 249 to I-45N to I-69N (US59N) and on the east side TxTAG operates Segment I-2 from I-10E to FM 1405. For information on this or to discuss toll collection issues their website is or call 888-468-9824.

HCTRA, Harris County Toll Road Authority, does not operate the Grand Parkway. If you have a billing issue with HCTRA, that will not automatically fix billings issues with FBCTRA or with TxTAG. you must contact each tolling entity separately.

Fort Bend County is building a short portion of Segment C from US59S south to Rabbs Bayou. The contractor has cleared trees for the southbound frontage road as of October 2015. Road construction will begin in 2016. More information to come.

TxDOT is planning to award a design-build contract for Segments H & I-1 and I-2B from US59N to US90 to I-10E to SH146 thru Montgomery, Harris, Liberty, Chambers and back into Harris County. This contract is currently anticipated to be awarded in November 2016, construction will begin in Summer 2017 and the project is expected to be open to traffic in 2021. More information to come.

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